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World wide panopticon

I recall the 1990s when naive libertarian outfits like EFF were proclaiming the internet (or World Wide Web) was the realm of freedom. From a distance, one now sees how EFF and the like were unconsciously advancing a “neoliberal” economic project (with respect to the marketization of the internet) and were inexplicably unaware that surveillance has been the ruling governmental design since the nineteenth-century (perhaps they should have read more Foucault).

Suffice it to say that the internet was never democratic; there is no “internet democracy” to be saved. It is just like any other public space that has always already been invaded by money and power. Technology is not a prophylactic for these structural processes; it is an supplement to them.

Money power glory

Regarding the Booker Prize shortlist: instead of characterizing the composition of the list as British versus American authors, it should be viewed as recognition of the English diaspora.

The new Apple Watch will look great on my wrist.

The “Go Slow” protest: an infantile revolt of a few billion dollar tech corporations.

N.B.  Despite the naive philosophy propagated by outfits like EFF, the “internet” is structured by the same social dynamics that operate in meatspace: money and power. It is no sacred realm of utopian freedom. The “Go Slow” protesters are just a set of large corporations on the losing end of a struggle against other large corporations. So sad.

Angela Merkel appears to be the only adult leader in Europe.