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Station to station

“Fake drape” is serious camp shade Rand Paul threw at Lindsey Graham.

According to Jacobin magazine, philanthropy just delays the immiseration that is necessary to propel the proles fully into class struggle.

I told them it is best to use the wealthy to finance the revolution and then, when the dictatorship of the proles is in effect, declare the superrich class enemies, kulaks or whatever, and subject them to collectivization and shock work.

Tucker Carlson could quite easily be a Jacobin contributor.

Now that the Sussexes have de-royaled, the stumblebum Markle father must be bereft that his cash flow will be crimped.

Trump’s visible disability during today’s podium performance shocked Republican Senators.

As I wrote in real time, “CLOTUS is drugged, could barely keep his right eyelid open. Shuffling, sniffling, slurring junkie.”

Obama makes Trump bleed from his wherever.

Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore are eating a big platter of crow. Sarandon put some nonsense on tape about Trump the Peacemaker that will live in eternity.

Basically, Mar-a-Lago is the biggest whorehouse in Florida.

Fear (of the unknown)

Is it odd that so-called socialists applaud when Bern begs the proles to fund his multi-million dollar campaign, yet lambast Buttigieg when he soaks the mega-rich donor class directly?

What sort of “redistributive economics” is at work in the campaigns of Bern or Warren?

Warren is fighting for Bern’s 15% of the electorate, leaving the other 85% to Biden and Buttigieg.

This is bad campaign math.

Fox News is no longer Trump’s safe space.

The Democrats’ interrogation of emocon Kavanaugh broke something in Lindsey Graham.

Elissa Slotkin is more courageous than any member of the Squad.


Trump reads like a seven year old, for whom each word is a new discovery.

Why do journalists bother to fact check Trump. He’s a liar, all the time. When he’s not lying, he’s sleeping.

At least the President was freshly embalmed.

People who are outraged for a living are making a living off the Golden Globes.

Lindsey Graham is more and more unhinged since McCain’s death.

Evangelical Republicans are Trump’s sin eaters.

The Republican Party is no longer a political party; it’s a conspiracy.


Fly on a windshield

Was Lauren Bacall the first cinematic “mean girl”? Or was it Bette Davis?

In Northern Ireland, it’s a time to settle old scores, and to open up new ones to be settled in the future.

As shadow defense minister in the shadow presidency of John McCain, Lindsey Graham should speak in a more dignified fashion.

Maureen Dowd hasn’t been the same since the plagiarism case. With minor variations, she’s re-written the same column about the Clintons every few months since 1996.

Angela Merkel is a distraction from Benghazi.