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On reflection

Mr Trump is a failed President even before taking office. He’ll have to answer to the pitchforks and patarini who elected him sooner than later.

His fate depends on what motivated the Deplorables. If they were motivated by the prospect of manufacturing jobs returning in mass numbers to the US, their belief will be shattered. However, if they were motivated by identity politics (i.e., misogyny, xenophobia, and racism), then their faith will be fully rewarded by Trump’s Presidency.

There are pockets of reason and enlightenment strewn over a landscape of inbred cultural backwardness. Radical cosmopolitans must stand up and say no to ignorance and cultural backwardness, whenever and wherever revanchist populism surfaces.


There are also historical precedents for the Trump-Farage-Le Pen-Petry phenomenon. Cola Di Rienzo, Savonarola, Luther, and Robespierre attempted to channel the anger of “the people” towards various political ends. They lost control (the Peasants’ War of 1524-25, which was crushed with Luther’s help) and lost their lives in the process (Savonarola, Cola, and Robespierre).


Scotland did well to save itself from self-inflicted disaster. Another Savonarola exits the world historical stage.

Childhood memories of Little Red Riding Hood are difficult to repress.

Do newspaper editors drop football journalists when they produce a patch of lackluster articles.

For Europe to be unified, it needs a common enemy. Either Putin or the USA Ryder Cup team suffice for this purpose.

Lauryn Hill has a track record of being a terrible live performer, appearing to have lost touch with reality.

Hopefully, there will be an homage to Dominique Sanda in the not too far distant future.