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Bloody kisses

Wikileaks was hammered for supporting Putin and slandering Tymoshenko.

US Republicans would rather drop bombs than drop money.

The fate of the Ukraine rests in the sure hands of Ms Lagarde and Ms Merkel.

New democracies have always been unstable and susceptible to overthrow by the mob or a Napoleonic general (e.g., Egypt). It takes time for the idea of free, fair, and universal elections gain acceptance. In the meantime, boulevard dictatorships are predictable.

Poland seems to know a thing or two about successfully transitioning out from under Moscow’s thumb.

The Cold War is like political heroin for many Westerners, especially journalists, pundits, and politicians. For journalists, operating under the unrecognized professional compulsion to find a narrative that will tie together discordant facts in a simplistically neat bow, every world conflict comes in two shades (black and white), which are over-burdened by the moral choice of Good and Evil.