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The Libertines have re-formed. They’ll fill the void left by One Direction.

BRICS failing. US rising. Who saw that coming.

Re China: Party Capitalism has turned out as poorly as Party Communism.

Rousey v Mayweather would be the first billion dollar fight.

The arrest rate of multi-millionaires is higher in the NFL than in the general population.

Echoes of eternity

The “mainstream media” is a myth, a lazy construct of conspiratorial minds.

I miss Lotus 1-2-3.

A lawyer isn’t a miracle worker.

One Direction are over. They were bigger than Jesus and the Beatles.

Those who don’t hold their applause appropriately should be expelled from symphonic performances.

The modern office has always been a seething pit of pay cheque envy, barely repressed interpersonal violence, and poor hygiene.

You get what you give

One Direction is bigger than The Beatles.

Adele could put out her own charity record and raise more funds than the Geldof-inspired product.

Scientists aren’t known for their fashion sense, although this gent’s tats are worthy of a recurrent role on Girls.

Misery is a terrible state.


Franzen’s fifth novel, Purity – his first since 2010’s Freedom stormed the bestseller charts – will see the author telling the story of Purity Tyler.

Another quality paperweight from Mr Franzen. Presumably he’s showing, not telling, the story of Purity Tyler.