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True Sanderista


Not feeling the bern? As Ms Silverman said: “put some cream on it.”

Mr Sanders is a politician, not a martyr. He achieved what was achievable.

In his speech, Mr Sanders tried to save the nation. He also tried to save his supporters from themselves.

The point of politics is to get into power and stay in power. One can’t change anything standing outside, luxuriating in self-righteousness.

Only a small group of Berniebros, the rump of which is at the DNC, continue to nurse their hurt feelings. Calls of “sellout” directed towards Sanders and Warren are signs of emotional disturbance. However, their numbers do not justify the coddling pleas they are receiving from Democrats and rational people more generally. Let them vote Trump or Stein in November. Let them bathe in the pure waters of self-righteous self-pity. And let them don hairshirts during Ms Clinton’s Inauguration.

Democratic convention, Act 1



Mr Sanders is learning first hand how politically naive his most fervent supporters are.

One person’s tantrums are another person’s heteroglossia.

Al Franken brings the comedy.

Sarah Silverman brings the rationality.

Can I just say, to the “Bernie or Bust” people, you’re being ridiculous.

Mic drop.

Mr Booker shouts, Berniebros bark.

FLOTUS announces candidacy delivers the goods.

Ms Warren questions what kind of a man Mr Trump is. Berniebros heckle.

Bernie endorses over tears of supporters.

It’s over.

Some velvet morning

Martha Stewart has deployed a drone over her property in Westchester County. She handcrafted it from recycled popsicle sticks.

Al-Sisi is the most interesting man in the world. The ideologue Morsi was totally overmatched by the general’s strategy.

Wyoming is one of the least civilized states in the USA. Utah has a self-evident problem.

It is not art if it lacks aesthetic intent and execution.

What is called outsider art today has to be taken with a pillar of salt. So-called outsider artists now have gallery representation and their works sell (in the USA) for $10,000 and up. It is now insider art.

Sarah Silverman is the best comedian alive.

Let’s pretend

So Al Sharpton was a participant in anti-Mafia COINTELPRO.

Stephen Colbert is a great hire to replace Letterman. I would have preferred Sarah Silverman.

George W. Bush’s paintings are worthy of the Prinzhorn Collection.

Brendan Eich and Mozilla redux: There is no free speech in the corporate world only profitable and unprofitable speech. Unpopular speech is unprofitable (unless it can be monetized as per Donald Trump). The bottom line trumps the freedom of expression.

Same-sex marriage redux: The State of Utah has abandoned the “empirical evidence” it mustered against same-sex marriage. I think the Anti position will eventually boil down to its core irrational bias. There is neither a reasonable basis for, nor a compelling state interest in, a ban on marriage between two freely consenting adults.