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Out of the blue

Mr Assange is back in the news again. He still resides in the posh Ecuadorian Embassy (in upscale Knightsbridge), dines on gourmet empanadas, and has free wifi.

He lives better than the 99%.

It looks like Mr Snowden will share his posh dacha with a new roommate: Viktor Yanukovych.

Someone should tell Richard Branson that space travel isn’t a thrill ride.

Initials B B

It’s not often one sees sovereignty wrapped in a blanket.

Surely, a Maclaren pram is in this child’s future.

Ministry of Body Image.

Where is the Egyptian Robespierre?

While Mr Assange dines on gourmet empanadas at the posh Ecuadorian Embassy, Chelsea Manning faces a lifetime ration of military issue, baked beans in the brig.

I witnessed a deft robbery at Milano Centrale. Keep your hands on your luggage.