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Go to zero

Trump/Palin 2016 is in the offing. If it brings Tina Fey back to SNL, I’m all for it.

What Mr Trump’s campaign reveals is the base character of the Republican Party’s voter base.

University cops are often drawn from the Paul Blart segment of the population.

Conservatives have gained control over the AP American History curriculum. I’m glad I took AP European History.

So after countless versions over 20 years, Microsoft got a few things right. Like Soviet Five Year Plans, MS really doesn’t need to use numbers.

Mountains come out of the sky

Fox News is a self parody. After so many years, it’s difficult to work up righteous outrage against a network that has always been intentionally geared towards an infantile audience. All that’s left is resigned bemusement.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes commentary on the Clooney award was the most effective bit. They could have dug in more on Cosby.

There should be a Hipsters’ Choice Awards program.

ManU collects players it never uses like a hedge fundster who collects houses s/he’ll never live in. Because they can.

It’s all explained in the film “Prometheus.”