Days of plague 8

Megyn Kelly’s journalistic reputation lies somewhere between that of Judith Miller and John Barron.

At this point, all Trump can do is shore up his racist base. The name Obama is political meth to this demographic.

In their obsession with owning the libs, so-called left, so-called independent journalists have become openly MAGAts.

I try to imagine wanting to own the libs so badly that I’d be willing to destroy my own reputation by pimping the lies of a chronic liar. Then I imagine I’m Ryan Grim.

Uranium has a half-life of 4+ billion years. The only things with a longer half-life are former Sanders campaign staff and journalistic hangers-on.

The family of Warren Harding will be eternally grateful for the Trump Presidency.

Days of plague 7

There are three ways to rise to prominence in Trumpworld: in the bedroom, in the birther movement, or in breaking the law.

Real leftists (not chapo-classers) didn’t endorse Bernie in 2016 or 2020. Not to be disparaging, but the Berner movement is/was a kindergartenish, incoherent mix of populism, pandering, and pomposity. Whatever factionalism evidenced now is about personality, not ideology. It’s faux-left.

Teachable moment from 🌹 twitter: if a liberal agrees with a conservative on anything, the liberal is actually a conservative. And if a conservative agrees with a liberal, that must mean the liberal is actually a conservative. A careful study of the facts reveals this truth …

Days of plague 6

Home (Laswell/Lydon PIL)
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Now what does this mean
It means we get the best scenes
When politics talk, the ends of power meet
Nice to be wanted, safe and protected
The ends of power when politics talk
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Home sweet home, home, home
Let’s talk politics
Every dog has it’s day
For me (for me)
I don’t believe (I don’t believe in anything)
Better days ahead (one more war)
Will never be (I do believe no more)
I don’t believe in (no long goodbye)
Anything (nuclear day)
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Better days will never be
Spare no man, match bomb for bomb
War, all is fair in war
When the ground is soft with hot blood
Spare no man
Better days will never be (match bomb for bomb)
A scorched Earth (flatten the Earth, this home sweet home)
No charity (burn evreything, from lust to dust)
No weak pity (no charity, no weak pity)
From lust to dust (all is fair in war)
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Home sweet home

Celebration day


Re Bernie Sander’s failed campaign.

The NY Times has its take.

What is unaddressed in the NY Times piece is the incompetence of Bern’s campaign staff, from top to bottom.

I’ve commented before that his campaign staff is historically inept. Moreover, his surrogates are what one can only describe as regrettable. His revolution/movement has more of the markings of a cult than a political campaign. That probably explains why it “went wrong.”

Today, David Sirota is inviting critics to engage in virtual fistfights with him. This is how populist campaigns end.Bern knew he would never win over black voters. So he thought he could counter that deficit by winning white proles massively (ala Trump) and bringing in people who had never voted before. The latter group was, by definition, unreliable, and the former group broke for Biden.Because of the Bern campaign’s ideological spin about itself, it could never acknowledge to itself that black voters don’t like Bern and that his only chance to win was to win the white vote massively. But they couldn’t disparage southern primaries again (as Bern had in 2016).

To this day, Berners persist in the fantasy that Pelosi is not a master politician.

I mean compare her to Bern, Speaker of the House versus a man who has been destroyed in two consecutive nomination campaigns.

She who makes Trump bleed from his wherever to he who names post offices.

Days of plague 5

I cannot omit a Subtilty of one of those Quack-operators, with which he gull’d the poor People to croud about him, but did nothing for them without Money. He had it seems, added to his Bills, which he gave about the Streets, this Advertisement in Capital Letters, (viz.) He gives Advice to the Poor for nothing.

Abundance of poor People came to him accordingly, to whom he made a great many fine Speeches; examin’d them of the State of their Health, and of the Constitution of their Bodies, and told them many good things for them to do, which were of no great Moment: But the Issue and Conclusion of all was, that he had a preparation, which if they took such a Quantity of, every Morning, he would pawn his Life, they should never have the Plague, no, tho’ they lived in the House with People that were infected: This made the People all resolve to have it; But then the Price of that was so much, I think ’twas half-a-Crown; But, Sir, says one poor Woman, I am a poor Alms-Woman, and am kept by the Parish, and your Bills say, you give the Poor your help for nothing. Ay, good Woman, says the Doctor, so I do, as I publish’d there. Give my Advice to the Poor for nothing; but not my Physick. Alas, Sir! says she, that is a Snare laid for the Poor then; for you give them your Advice for nothing, that is to say, you advise them gratis, to buy your Physick for their Money; so does every Shop-keeper with his Wares. Here the Woman began to give him ill Words, and stood at his Door all that Day, telling her Tale to all the People that came, till the Doctor finding she turn’d away his Customers; was oblig’d to call her up Stairs again, and give her his Box of Physick for nothing, which perhaps too was good for nothing when she had it.

Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year [1722] (Penguin Classics, 2003), 32

Days of plague 4

Spare a thought for the poor heroin user who will be waiting for the man for quite a long time.

New York’s Governor Cuomo is effectively functioning as the President of the United States.

Jacobin mag’s katheder anarcho-syndicalists called for a general strike! During a pandemic.