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Million Dollar Man

Trump’s cash for farm votes program was bound to be another one of his scams.

Tyler Skaggs (alcohol, fentanyl and oxy), Roy Halladay (amphetamines, morphine, Ambien, alcohol), and José Fernández (alcohol and cocaine). Notice a pattern?

The title Twilight of the Elites may suffer the same fate as The End of Ideology and The End of History and the Last Man.

It was difficult for Andrew Luck to walk away from professional toxic masculinity and all its entitlements.

Urban & rural poor males will always gravitate towards headbanging sports like American football and rugby; especially football, with enticements of toxic masculinity, college scholarships, NFL millions (NB people forget Kaepernick is a multimillionaire), and glamour (see Ballers).

For Bern, those who fail to support him are kulaks.

Feelin’ Massachusetts

Capitalism is much as it has been since whenever it “took off.” In the US there was one brief “golden era” (circa 1946-early 1970s), then things returned to normal.

Re the higher ed admissions fixing scandal: ironic, given that critics of the accused are protesting about access to Harvard and Yale. No one needs to bribe their way into CUNY or the University of Nebraska.

Nothing wrong with revisionism. Millions of kulaks would have survived, and a gulag would not have been built, had it won out.

If protection of the nation is Trump’s highest duty, he should resign.

He’s been Moses to MAGAts, but not to anyone else.

Clayton Kershaw has entered his King Felix years.

It is clear that endorsements won’t matter in a massive field. Journalists need to redo their play book. Ditch old narrative frames. Stop forecasting.

There’s outrage (what else would there be) about a video of Maya Angelou scolding a girl for addressing her by her first name. It’s no more than gentle arrogance. However, it does reveal something about Ms Angelou’s character, that something like that would matter enough to her that she would correct a young person on camera as opposed to off it.

Unless Ms Angelou was an angel, she had the same flaws the rest of us have, e.g., heightened self-regard (narcissism) that is obnoxious under certain circumstances. The girl was no threat to Ms Angelou. Yet, she perceived her as such. Kicking down is a sign of inner weakness.