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It is sad that major institutions like the Roman Church and the US Republican Party promote homophobia. In a place like the US, medieval monotheism + promiscuous gun laws lead to mass murder.

The problem Fox News doesn’t recognise is that perpetrator’s motives directly overlap with those of arch-conservative religious institutions and conservative politicians in the US. All share a common hatred of homosexuality. Fox News has long provided a platform for bigotry, especially religious freedom “anti-gay” bigots such as Mike Huckabee.

Mr Trump has promised to ban immigration from many countries, to establish full diplomatic relations with the NRA, and to establish a Muslim Stasi. Anything to avoid sensible gun safety legislation to replace the promiscuous gun laws on the books.

Outrage slavery

The latest twitter outrage (as reported in The Guardian):

Meryl Streep and three other cast members of the film Suffragette have been the subject of criticism online, after appearing in a photo shoot last week wearing T-shirts featuring a controversial slogan.
“I’d rather be a rebel than a slave,” the slogan read, quoting a 1913 speech by women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst.

Those who can’t comprehend metaphor and/or analogical reasoning will be the ruin of contemporary civilization.


The dirty secret of the National Rifle Manufacturers Association: mass shootings are good for business.

With his blundering in Ukraine and now Syria Mr Putin has become the Russian version of G. W. Bush.

Democrats appear to be taking seriously polling data suggesting Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. Why? He won’t be elected President. He may not even win the Republican nomination. For now, enjoy the misery of the Republican Party and its Fox News politburo.

The unshirting of the Air France executives, which revealed flabby abs, is the most creative act of popular protest since riding the stang went out of favor.

Time loves a hero

If civilisation is measured by the absence of gun violence, then the US is one of the most uncivilised places on earth. From the National Rifle Manufacturers Association and its paid politicians to the yokel libertarian sheriff in Oregon, the bulwark of barbarism is immense and apparently impenetrable by the forces of reason.

The only practical conclusion I can draw from this latest incident of barbarism, and the predictable reaction to it, is that Americans (#notallAmericans) prefer to expose themselves and their fellow citizens to the real risk of death posed by gun violence than the hypothetical risk of death posed by “tyranny.”


The meeting between Kim Davis and Pope Francis represents grave evil. As a Jesuit, the Pope should know better than to do anything that might be perceived as support for a barnyard religious bigot.

On a desolate road to becoming a plumber

Too many Americans take their Second Amendment “liberty” as a license to kill.

Americans can’t even hold a peaceful rally without firing weapons.

Dealing the instruments of death is big business in America.

Americans are addicted to guns. The NRA is the dealer.

Real men don’t need guns.

Real men can assemble Ikea products without reading the instructions.


The most recent attack on Planned Parenthood is simply good politics for Republicans (as is the bogus “religious freedom” issue). It allows them to pander to the social conservative base and the unborn. I’d expect it to be a prime topic at the first Republican primary debate, a chance for Huckabee, Santorum, et al. to burnish their social conservative bona fides.

For decades, Republicans and other conservatives have made it clear that they do not recognize a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health and reproductive decisions, and have often violated their proclaimed belief in “limited government” in favor of governmental intrusion (e.g., involuntary ultrasounds). In this case, it goes hand in hand with the strong anti-science current that runs through today’s conservatism.


Ten more victims of the Second Amendment in Louisiana. The sad fact is many Americans love guns more than they love life.

The NRA won’t rest until every American family is touched by gun violence.

For love of the gun

The soul of our society is violent; it always has been. The nation was born out of violence against Native Americans (c/o the Pilgrim Fathers), founded in violence against the British, and refounded through violence provoked by southern renegades. Violence meted out against workers (a tradition initiated by the Astor Place and Haymarket massacres), the lynching of blacks (KKK), assaults on student protesters in the 60s (a few shot at Kent State), not to mention the general love of the gun: this is America. Hence, gun control is never reasonable for an unreasonable people.