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Society’s child

Bakunin was an aristocratic dandy. Even the young Stalin struck a hipsterish pose. Neither were prole models.

A fully loaded Birkin bag is as dangerous as a Molotov cocktail.

Mr Putin says he does not want to rule Russia for life. But one does not simply step down from the Iron Throne.

A city without a vice district is a country town.

Leather is never out.

Wandering star

Lee Daniels is said to be working on new film, a true life tale of demonic possession. Rumor has it that the film’s title is “”Lee Daniels’ True Life Tale of Demonic Possession.”

Russell Brand is our Bakunin.


Peak beard is an urban legend. So is the lumbersexual.


What we have here (see above image) is merely the woodland hipster (known in common parlance as “the woodsy”), a variation on the classic hipster. The woodland hipster has a nineteenth-century precursor: