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Every Monday is Goodbye Sunday

The USA has no architectural tradition of galleria or arcades. The shopping mall is the New World equivalent in a suburbanized landscape, with a well entrenched car culture.

The outdoor Old Orchard mall (Skokie, IL) is exemplary.

The best thing about mall shopping in America is the food court.

Hatred of hipsters is the new racism.

The large scale demo is now passé. It is time for new tactics.

The demo was a powerful message in the 1960s. But the symbolic effect has waned over time. Mr Bush and Mr Blair both acknowledged the protests and went on their merry way in making war. Occupy was a massive, worldwide demo: what ever became of it?

Might as well refer to Hillary Clinton as President Clinton now. The Republicans’ mötley crue of likely candidates won’t come close to defeating her.

The new Lana Del Rey album is absolutely brilliant.