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If you have to ask

The silly Trumpification of America continues, c/o Sepp Gulati.

Five year old President Trump demands a Congressional investigation of Tappgate and a bowl of pistachio ice cream.

Up at 5am, listening to Phil Collins, is enough to make anyone tweet crazy stuff.

Oklahoma was the “wife beater state” long before any Muslims arrived.

Re Mike Pence and private email hypocrisy: convenience store Christians always congregate near the skin mags.

Nothing but the sky

The Governor of Oklahoma and her death chamber apparatchiks are the modern face of barbarism; political and technological (chemicals, tasers).

The level of bloodlust among a segment of US citizens can’t be underestimated. These citizens don’t understand that executions are bound by procedural rules, not vigilante ethics.

Life is cheap in Qatar.

Facts are a distraction from Benghazi.


What is the half-life of Dasein?

Thomas Piketty’s new book on twenty-first century capitalism is all the rage. Back 2001, it was Hardt and Negri’s Empire that appeared on everyone’s syllabus. Empire was good for networking at conferences at Columbia and CUNY; it was hook up reading material in Upper West Side and West Village cafes. Perhaps this book will serve the same functions. But the economic system rolls on just the same.

In the “red state failure” category: in its rush to kill, Oklahoma botched an execution and had to stay a second execution planned for the same inning.

The same failed state has passed a law mandating the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance once a week by public school students.

Wild fire

Pseu Braun is the Angry Bob of freeform radio.

Tolkien wrote YA literature. Game of Thrones is for adults.

Wargs are epileptics with telepathic capabilities.

Ironic: Oklahoma, a very red Republican state, turns to science for more efficient ways to kill while, at the same time, it denies evolution.

Capitalism has always been in a state of crisis. Crisis is its modus operandi. The real crisis is a political one: a permanent crisis of crisis management (Claus Offe).

André Gorz bid the working class adieu. . . in 1980.