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All the love

The mob threatens to imprison Europe behind an iron curtain of ignorance and intolerance, pitchfork wielding folk headed by the likes of Hofer, Bachmann, Le Pen, Farage, etc.

It will end in Brexitears.

The noble squid is no weed.

Nothing says Prince like a duet of Mr Wonder and Ms Madonna.

A girl in trouble

Gif is pronounced like gift sans t.

“No taxation without representation” implies “no representation without taxation.”

Prince quit twitter when he reached 143,999 followers.

The “prosperity gospel” carries on the long tradition of hucksterism (raised to an art form by P T Barnum).

Nothing can replace the classic styling and comfort of Tretorn canvas sneakers.

In the bleak midwinter

Apple is the greatest company since the East India Company.

Facebook fatigue has already set in.

Despite the paucity of new members, Twitter will remain an important vehicle for the outragetariat.

Life imitates High Art.

Prince is the Mozart of popular music.

David Beckham is a role model for 21st century men.

There should be some form of relegation in Major League Baseball.