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Squirrel Leviathan

Me: Any excuse to murder an innocent animal. Disgusting.

Respondent 1: They’re not exactly innocent.

Me: There are no “crimes” in nature. See Tennyson (or Hobbes).

Respondent 2: what, a Squirrel Leviathan?


In Hell, every day is Halloween.

Sweden is tracking a Russian submarine lurking in its territorial waters. I remember when Mr Putin refused to send assistance to the K-141 Kursk.

This is what critical theory says about beer: Craft beers (microbrews) are produced for the restricted market of people with discriminating taste, who have a feeling for the beautiful and the sublime. Commercial beers (macrobrews) are produced for the mass market of people who drink habitually (i.e., to get drunk), whose popular taste is dominated by bodily pleasures (utility) rather than an orientation to disinterested appreciation (principles).