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QE or not QE

Once the Federal Reserve’s spigot is turned off, will that mythical creature the “market correction” make an appearance, like Nessie emerging from the Highlands’ mist?

For the titans of high finance, it will mean no more visits to high end strip clubs for the foreseeable future.

Ron Paul is an economic crackpot.

The honour killings conducted by Hamas are a tradition as old as the societies that rim the Mediterranean. Honour cultures + monotheism = a deadly mix

Allegro, ma non troppo

Haute couture is the language of fashion. – YS Lacan

We have reached peak cupcake.

House Speaker John Boehner will sue President Obama for violating the “separation of powers.” Because Obama collected 130+ million votes over two elections, he’s separated Republicans from power.

The endless cycle of honour killings in the middle east continues.

Who knew the Taliban and Jenny McCarthy would share something in common.

Mountain Dew also works as a rust remover.