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Moscow hacking

The POTUS artfully shoveled dirt on Mr Trump’s political corpse.

Meanwhile, pundits are puzzled over Mr Trump’s dalliance with the Russian dictator.

Mr Trump and Mr Putin are members of the billionaires club, hence their affinity and Mr Trump’s comfort in asking for help.

Both like to flaunt their aging masculinity. Putin, shirtless, riding on the back of a bear; Trump, showing one of his hands to the crowd while the other points to his zipper.

Mr Putin is a master of interfering with elections, most notably his own. He uses all the dark arts, including physical violence and the jailing of naive pop singers, to retain his Eternal Presidency. He understands that his imminent invasion of the Baltic States would be met by a President Trump who would use it as an opportunity to raise the price tag for US support of NATO. Such an invasion would be met with a rousing “hail strong fellow well met” from the mouth of the clownish American cheese puff.