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Presidential paresis

Paul Ryan was Boehnered by Tea Party Republicans.

The so-called Freedom Caucus is anti-government, which presents a paradox when it is in a position to govern.

Since 2010, Republicans have proven to be ungovernable.

The US is a nation of swindlers and rubes. Hence, the Trump Presidency.

Trump campaign promises scorecard:

  • Muslim ban (stalled in courts)
  • Southern border wall (no brick has been laid)
  • New plan to defeat IS (non-existent)
  • Repeal Obamacare (flatlined)

Stop your sobbing

The Republican candidates attacking “the media” is equivalent to the candidates attacking a mirror for the image they see when they look into one.

In reality, one doesn’t choose the questions one is asked. Republicans are used to living in the fantasy world of the Fox News echo chamber.

China has lifted its “one child” policy. There’s a pressing need to replace the people who are dying from pollution-related diseases caused by the satanic mills of Party Capitalism.

Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House. I’m reminded that Ayn Rand continues to have a powerful effect on the libidos of conservative boys and men.

Begin again

Why do film critics expect fictional (or fictionalized) stories to be documentaries?

Mr Putin has turned his lidless, Sauronic eye from Donetsk to Moscow.

Paul Ryan has put out another Republican Party plan to end poverty by regulating the poor, using vignettes that distinguish the “deserving poor” from the “undeserving poor.” This narrative tactic, which substitutes ideological preconceptions of the neo-conservative imagination for facts about really existing poor people, has been popular among the big thinkers of the political right since Charles Murray’s Losing Ground.