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There will be an answer

Julian Assange might be evicted from his posh Knightsbridge townhouse. Will he find refuge in Russia with Snowden and Yanukovych?

As Nietzsche said of Assange: Etwas stinkt.

The notion of “hidden histories” is a branding device.

Heathers is the best pop film of the 80s.

Maduro is a thug but Guaidó isn’t exactly World Spirit on horseback.

Voce simul


Let’s face it. Rep. Omar used an antisemitic trope (knowingly or not). She’s doubled down on it rather than admitting a mistake (much like Trump does). Democrats have no choice but to censure any appearance of antisemitism. Antisemites cannot be given any quarter.

One must address antisemitism wherever and whenever it turns up, among friends or enemies.

Only 100 lies were told by Trump during his two+ hours CPAC rant? His lie ratio is falling. Must have been low on adderall.

Pundits continue to ask when the GOP will break with Trump. The GOP won’t rebel. They fear the pitchforks and semi-automatic weapons of MAGAts.

Matt Gaetz realizes it isn’t wise to threaten a crime family fixer.

Sanders has filed to run for the Senate in 2022 as an Independent, after filing as a Democrat to run for the Presidency in 2020. I don’t understand why the Democrats allow themselves to be used in this manner.

Class envy is infantile.

Juan Guaidó isn’t exactly World Spirit on horseback in Jena.