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Rat race


The respectable media and FiveThirtyEight are calling Carly Fiorina the winner of the debate. I suppose this is based on the fact that she stood her ground against Donald Trump. Aside from this single moment of facing down the spectre of misogyny, Ms Fiorina did not distinguish herself from the pack. Her evening turned sour when Mr Trump rehashed her failed CEO tenures at Lucent and HP. The camera showed her face falling a few inches as he noted HP has never recovered from her disastrous leadership. When she said she wouldn’t talk to Mr Putin, and that such a refusal was a sign of strength, a rival to Amy Schumer was born.

Trump didn’t shine but he didn’t shrink either. He slimed several of his competitors (Rand Paul, Jeb!, and Marco Rubio in particular) with bon mots. Rubio fell into a stupor when Trump noted his abysmal attendance record in the Senate. Trump will have satisfied his base adherents despite a generally flat performance. The elimination games will take place among those polling in single digits whose supply of cash will dry up quicker than Kim Davis’ unholy tears.

From the standpoint of signs of rationality (always in short supply during Republican debates), Mr Paul, Mr Carson, and Mr Kasich appeared the least likely to lead the US into another stupid war. + points for all three.

On the paleolithic side of things, Mr Cruz, Mr Huckabee, Mr Rubio, and Mr Walker demonstrated once again they are cave painters in a digital world.

Mr Christie has no reason to continue. All roads to the nomination are blocked by an orange traffic cone.


The only thing one needs to know about the dire state of American conservatism is the fact that vaccinations are a political talking point.

I assume the misplaced praise of Ms Fiorina is an effort to find someone who can lead the Republican Party out of the Trump fiasco it created for itself. Unfortunately for the GOP, Mr Trump is the best antidote to a Fiorina nomination. Mr Trump is the logical next step after Ms Palin. He captures the cartoonish nature of the contemporary Republican Party better than any other candidate.