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South Carolina Primary:

Mr Trump is back in his role as lead clown. Jeb! and Kasich are political roadkill for the Republican pitchforks.

Jeb! shed his spectacles (to no avail) because the pitchforks are opposed to any sign of intellectualism. As for frames advice, however, won’t can’t go wrong with Superdry Depp or Mykita Falk.

This could be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, which rose from the ashes of the Whig Party in 1854 (The “Know Nothings” were the xenophobic rump of the former Whigs, the more rational of whom [Lincoln et al.] formed the Republican Party). The Tea Party Trumpezoids would be the Know Nothings of today, especially given the inevitable defeat of Mr Trump in November 2016. The only options for his disappointed followers would be (1) emigration, (2) a humiliating crawl back into the Republican Party fold, or (3) armed insurrection (ala the Bundy bandits). On the other hand, the Republican Party could cease to exist as more than a Congressional Party (i.e., a Party of elected officials) if it is unable to serve as a receptacle for disconsolate conservative discontent.



Europe saved England twice from barbarism (1066 and 1688). Brexit is no way to repay that debt.