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Criminal world

States’ rights fundis fight for a piece of dirt in Nevada. If that’s where they want to stage their last stand, so be it!

Cliven Bundy is an ante-bellum man. He’s replaced Sarah Palin as the leading Tea Party candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Rand Paul is still the leading conservative intellectual, though.

Donald Sterling is a distraction from Cliven Bundy.


Aisle of plenty

I certainly hope the internet is a CIA project. God forbid if the internet were run by Google or Facebook.

For a time, Oasis was the best band on the planet.

I hope this doesn’t drive up the cost of Cornish hens.

I prefer the use of the word boil (e.g., a “boil of resentment on the body politic”), which has the connotation of plague, contagion, and fleas.

If you turn over a states’ rights libertarian, a clone of John C. Calhoun will crawl out.

The Duchess of Cambridge brightened the southern hemisphere. Now winter is coming.

Don’t think it’s appropriate for a newspaper to describe the future British monarch as “wriggling and squealing.”