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Green light

The Director of Croquet at the Mar-a-Lago Club sits in on NSC meetings.

There are no mulligans for unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Asking Mr Trump to act more presidential is like asking a clown to take off his orange grease paint.

Better to compare Trump to leaders who attack judges (the departed Morsi and Erdogan) than with past US Presidents.

The “Iran deal” is a multilateral one. Saying no to the deal is also saying no to the UK, France, Germany, and the EU. Reneging is complicated.

Tears all over town

I gave up sobriety for Lent.

It appears that American Republicans and Iranian Atomic Ayatollahs agree on one thing: both want Iran to have nukes.

Oddly, Republicans, who say Iran can’t be trusted, have told Iran that they (Republicans) can’t be trusted.

As the debate develops over a possible deal with Iran, remember that ad hominem will be used whenever a compelling counter-argument is lacking.

Today’s conservatives, from Mr Putin to the American Republican Tea Party to the UK Tories and fashionable Farageistas, appear to embrace, if not welcome, chaos. It is a radical brand of conservatism that seeks not to conserve institutions but rather to tear them down, in the name of ideology.