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From Havana to Des Moines

Raul Castro is an embittered old man. Perhaps in his more reflective moments, Mr Castro would admit that Cuba made a mistake by throwing in its lot with the CCCP, only a few years after it had brutally crushed the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It meant Cuba merely traded in one form of dictatorship (the dictatorship of US capital and Latin American authoritarianism) for another (the dictatorship of the Soviet political catechism). If only Cuba had remained truly independent … alas a history of the post Batista era in Cuban history could be entitled “Errors Were Made.”


Only Iowans take Iowan political judgment seriously. It’s a small state with few electoral votes.

Iowa has no effect on the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. It may wipe the grease paint off a few of the Republican candidates though.

Most Americans can’t locate Iowa on a map.

Maybe that will change now that Hannah Horvath is enrolled at the Iowa Writers Workshop.


Despite appearances, Williamsburg is a bit gritty, looks like East Berlin in the right light. Additionally, houses with vinyl siding give Billburg a working-class feel.

Comparatively, the late 80s was no golden age. Streets of the East Village and Lower East Side were littered with needles and crack vials (in the Bronx, with bullet casings). It was an era of libertine excess. The presence of gentrifiers, who attract police protection, lowered the body count. Now it is hopeless, a desolate high rent district marred by Frank Gehry’s melting monstrosity. Only the art star scene clings to life there.

Williamsburg was a refuge from the universal march of commodification in Manhattan, and still retains its less than posh character despite the influx of trust funders with liberal arts degrees. Unlike the EV/LES, the Billburg hipster scene is low key, understated. Its addictions to free wifi, lattes brewed and poured with artisanal care, and American Spirits are preferable to crack rock and concealed glocks. Not every woman there is a Hannah Horvath.