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The New York Post is frequently seen on the floor of NYC subway cars, soaking up some unidentifiable liquid.

Unions carrying guns = organized crime.

Derision of Freud’s ideas is a sign of resistance.

The unconscious is “visible” (the privileged criterion for naive empiricism) in its neurotic manifestations: dreams, memories, physical symptoms, compulsions, repetition, Fehlleistungen, etc.

The weakness of the theory is its starting point: the assumption of a “normal sexual aim.”

Another day

Mr Snowden played the Bill Haydon role to Putin’s Karla.

However, it appears that Mr Snowden over-sold his self-promotion. From whistleblowing superspy to ordinary crook.

Nadal fanboys are beyond the pale.

The New York Post is the worst tabloid in the USA.

Protip: one has to be tall(ish) to pull off wearing a jumpsuit.