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Dementia praecox

Trump claims there was an Obama “tapp” on his Barad-dûr tower, unwittingly admitting there was probable cause for a FISA warrant authorizing a “tapp.”

He’s also upset Beauregard Sessions recused himself.

The writing is on the wall, Donnie, and it’s in Russian.

Waiting for the tapes of Trump and Anna Chapman to come out.

Today pro-Trump rallies were held. Many unemployed circus clowns turned out.

Schadenfreude is back at Old Trafford. Even Zlatan went full Fellaini.


José Mourinho moves on the touchline with the passion of a Bedlam inmate.

The ManU unfaithful booed Fellaini. They’ve booed Wayne Rooney, the talisman.

When Pogba missed the early sitter, I anticipated Schadenfreude at the end. Instead, Spurs traditional swoon has already begun.

When Spurs struggle, they lash out physically.

Jürgen Klopp deserved better (against West Ham). But the outcome favours the Arsenal.

The laughable MLS Cup was not a strong advertisement for the struggling league.

Roam if you want to

As a new season of Game of Thrones beckons, I renew my yearly plea for more Arya and dragons, and less Sansa.

I miss Schadenfreude weekends with David Moyes.

Oh Manchester City, so much to answer for.

Ms Sears will be remembered as the best fiancee in recorded history.

Eating contests (e.g., professional contestants in Major League Eating) are just what the American Founders had in mind.

Mountains come out of the sky

Fox News is a self parody. After so many years, it’s difficult to work up righteous outrage against a network that has always been intentionally geared towards an infantile audience. All that’s left is resigned bemusement.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes commentary on the Clooney award was the most effective bit. They could have dug in more on Cosby.

There should be a Hipsters’ Choice Awards program.

ManU collects players it never uses like a hedge fundster who collects houses s/he’ll never live in. Because they can.

It’s all explained in the film “Prometheus.”


Since the aristocracy lost its game of thrones in the gaseous trenches of the Great War, it clings tenaciously to its one remaining barbarity. The fox hunt.

As fox hunting restrictions are eased in Britain, can the return of the Benthamite workhouse and the satanic mill lag far behind?

In Danish zoos, lions are fed to lambs.

Sir Alex Ferguson chose David Moyes as his successor in order to embellish his own legacy. So far, it’s working.

Mr Moyes has turned Old Trafford into the Theatre of Schadenfreude.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of Kevin Costner’s accidental comedies, comparable with The Postman in this genre.


Historical fiction is fiction.

I’m so happy when someone uses the word “hobo,” which sadly has gone out of popular usage.

There is an alternative to sanctions. The US could trade Russian control over Ukraine for US control over Syria and Iran.

Yankee go home!

At least we have confirmation that the Walrus was Paul.

The struggles of David Moyes at Manchester United are a distraction from Benghazi.