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Andante cantabile

As the kids say: Michael Moore needs to check his own masculine privilege.

Does anyone remember …

Michael Moore, the filmmaker, lambasted the front-runners. ”A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush,” he said. ”If they both believe in the same thing, wouldn’t you want the original than the copy? Wouldn’t you want Bush? Sirloin or hamburger? Which would you go for?”

Republicans like measles, probably something to do with The Rapture.

The NY Times has hired some low quality reporters recently, unlike the ones who won Pulitzers in 2017. See Elizabeth Williamson.

No Moore

A win over grave evil is a win, but it should be sobering that the Democrat only narrowly defeated the Republican pedophile. Such is the sad state of American politics.

I blame the British Transportation Act of 1717.

“… to save us all from Satan’s power” is the most festive line in any carol.

Republican convention, Act 4


Running commentary:

Rinse Freebase says goodbye.

Mickey Donovan makes an appearance.

Ivanka Trump says:

Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father. Vote for my father.

Donald Trump says:

Face it America, you’re gonna get killed. Believe it.

Vote for me and you’ll live. Believe it.

America, be very afraid. Believe it.

Balloon drop.

It’s over.

Republican convention, Act 3


Running commentary:

Sith lords make way for the orcs.

A former astronaut is speaking about space exploration to people who are anti-science.

I remember when Scott Walker quit the primary campaign, he urged the other candidates to unite against Trump.

Little Marco endorses Trump!

There’s Lucifer in the flesh. Canada’s Ted Cruz.

Weird. Cruz criticizes “government decrees,” yet praises GITMO, which was established by a government decree.

Cruz: Freedom means the religious freedom to enact bigoted laws.

This convention does put the theory of evolution into question.

The odor of sulfur is filling the arena at the moment.

Old “Country First” signs from the McCain/Palin era have come out.

No endorsement. Booing! Perfect!!!

Fox News is trashing Cruz for failing to endorse Trump.

Newt is good at bringing the fear.

Poor Newt was rushed to end his speech because Pence has now been pushed into irrelevance as 11pm EST approaches.

Mike Pence introduces himself: Christian. Conservative. Republican.

But not American.

The contrast of the Trump and Pence families is striking. Thrift store versus Fifth Avenue.

God can heal our land. Elect Trump. Makes sense.

Donald couldn’t help himself, he had to rise up out of his pit and step on Pence’s one moment in the sun.

It’s over!

Last judgment

The Republican Party platform has been updated for the nineteenth century.

Saul Alinsky was a labor union and community organizer.  There are community organizer training centers that are “Alinskyian.” I would even guess that some Alinsky tactics have seeped their way into political organizing. If Republicans aren’t careful, they may be accused of using Alinsky tactics!

Aside from last night’s association of Ms Clinton with Lucifer, the Republican Circus has been a rehash of the greatest hits against Ms Clinton spanning twenty-four years. To use a gun nut metaphor: the Republican subculture has empty its barrel and is out of ammo. Ms Clinton is still alive.

Born to be sad

A Republican Senator is outraged that Facebook filters political items. Today’s emocons are quick to embrace the victim role.

Congressional Republicans are said to be united with Mr Trump. There’s always unity in clown alley. Until someone slips on a banana peel. Then a circus breaks out.

Chicago’s Midway is a terrible airport, one of the most terrifying at which to land.

Eurovision 2016 is the biggest day for popular song in history.

The recent elections in the UK show there is no Corbyn in England’s dreaming.

What’s possible is that Mr Corbyn will turn Labour into a permanent opposition Party. The Corbynards fail to realise that politics is not like F1 (i.e., there’s no podium) or the Olympics (i.e., there are no silver and bronze medals). Politics is about winning.


Old thoughts (26 October 2008):

A McCain defeat is likely to be paired with significant defeats downstream from the Presidential race. This would portend a period of bloodletting within the Republican Party and among conservatives more generally. Since Republican Party partisans have been prone to high levels of symbolic violence directed at Democrats (and supporters of Democrats), this propensity to demonize the Other will likely be turned inward. This seems to have begun already (see the leaks coming from the McCain and Palin camps). On a more general level, it seems that an open war is breaking out between evangelicals and nativists, who have been the shock troops of Republican success since 1980, and the conservative “intelligentsia” (op-ed writers and professional political strategists) over both the content and tenor of Republican/Conservative politics. Not only may evangelicals be closed out of power in the Congress and Executive branch, but they have not yet reaped any concrete benefits of 28 years of loyalty to the Republican brand: Roe v. Wade hasn’t been overturned, no “right to life” amendment has been ratified, and the latest threat to humankind, “gay marriage,” has become more acceptable to the public. Nativists are also unhappy as the issue of “illegals” has not been a campaign theme for McCain (who once upon a time championed a form of immigration reform that boiled the blood of the vigilantes patrolling America’s southern border). The conservative intelligentsia is weary of the narrow-mindedness and anti-intelletualism of the Republican Party base: it realizes that Republicans will become a permanent minority party if they continue to cater to the exclusionary preferences of this base. This split could materialize in struggles over the soul of the party waged by Huckabee and Palin (on the one side), and Romney, Jindal, and Ridge (on the other side). Forward thinking Republicans will be more welcoming to people like Bloomberg and Weld as candidates and policy-makers; backward looking Republicans will continue to take marching orders from Limbaugh, Hannity, and the God Squad (Dobson and Perkins).

Enter the Tea Party in 2009.


New thoughts on the controversy over the label “progressive” and the Clinton and Sanders campaigns:

An analogous situation arose in 2008. Republicans questioned Mr Obama’s “character” by raising his “association” with Bill Ayers (“paling around with terrorists”) and his membership in the church of the firebrand Reverend Wright. In the end, the strategy of character assassination failed. In the present circumstances, Mr Sanders would do better to stick to substance (differences in policy).

The search for ideological purity is why the Republicans are a risible circus today. Mr Sanders should be wary of taking the Democratic Party (of which he’s never been a member) down this road to political perdition. It will only end in tears.