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The good news for Bernie Sanders: Eugene Debs received 6% of the popular vote once.

The bad news for Bernie Sanders: Eugene Debs received 6% of the popular vote once.

Without Democratic control of the Senate, impeachment is a sideshow. Let Tump be indicted and watch him turn himself into a fugitive of the law (like his his GRU-ally Assange). That would be a proper circus.

In his new budget, the Grifter asks Congress for $8.6 billion for his organized crime cronies in the construction industry.

Nothing says hate better than the face of a Cheney.

Ari Berman
9. März

House Dems passed most important democracy reform bill in a generation today but it got fraction of attention of @Ilhan’s tweets

(1) because the House measure won’t become law; (2) because the profit driven media that employs him fixates on conflict, which draws eyeballs and clicks (i.e., media that is a version of MMA for political junkies).

How does the Republican Freedom Caucus support Trump’s emergency decree? Isn’t that the sort of tyranny these freedom loving patriots loathe?

If Trump wants increased military spending, he should at least start a war to justify it.


The Republicans are addicted to discrimination.

Mr Trump wants to institute religious profiling of Muslims. Such a policy would never withstand the inevitable legal challenges. But talk of it arouses the libido of so-called Constitutional Conservatives and the Republican Party’s sub-proletariat.


First Ms Clinton channeled FDR. Now Mr Sanders identifies with FDR. It’s 2015, folks, not 1933.

I don’t know who is advising Mr Sanders but discourses on democratic socialism rank as a significant yawn and distraction. Mr Sanders is still smitten with the idea that he’s the leader of a political revolution. In reality, he a candidate for the nomination of a very much unrevolutionary political party. It is clear that his class-based identity politics isn’t resonating with the segments of the Democratic electorate that he desperately needs if he is to win the nomination. But he’ll certainly win over young students of  the “crisis of the welfare state” literature of the 1970s and 1980s.

Unfortunately, the attack in Paris has placed Mr Sanders’ deficit in the foreign policy area front and center. He can continue to pat himself on the back for his vote against handing GW Bush an Iraq War check (he was in the right). But that doesn’t suggest he has any idea how he’d interact with the world (besides feeling comfortable in Scandinavia).

Breaking up the big banks is a great topic for an economic theory seminar. Talking about doing it certainly arouses passionate assent. But a President has no capacity to break up banks. What’s the point in carrying on about it then?

Candidates for the Socialist Party (specifically Eugene Debs) collected several million votes in Presidential elections in the early 20th century. Of course, Debs never came close to winning and the Taft-Hartley Act (1947) banned labor unions from having direct involvement in politics in the heady anti-communist days after WII.

In 2015, socialism in America is as extinct as the passenger pigeon. Even the Occupyistas didn’t revive its spirit in 2011.