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Mood for a day

American conservatives are fond of loyalty oaths. This may backfire on the GOP. The loyal oath guarantees Mr Trump the nomination.

When Mr Trump says everyone else is stupid, he should be prepared to demonstrate his intellectual superiority. He made the nest. Now he has to avoid fouling it.

Re Scott Walker’s Canadian border fence: All Canada has to do is ban export of maple syrup and America will be brought to its knees.

I have a feeling Colbert will flop without his alter ego. So far, so good though.

Let’s pretend

So Al Sharpton was a participant in anti-Mafia COINTELPRO.

Stephen Colbert is a great hire to replace Letterman. I would have preferred Sarah Silverman.

George W. Bush’s paintings are worthy of the Prinzhorn Collection.

Brendan Eich and Mozilla redux: There is no free speech in the corporate world only profitable and unprofitable speech. Unpopular speech is unprofitable (unless it can be monetized as per Donald Trump). The bottom line trumps the freedom of expression.

Same-sex marriage redux: The State of Utah has abandoned the “empirical evidence” it mustered against same-sex marriage. I think the Anti position will eventually boil down to its core irrational bias. There is neither a reasonable basis for, nor a compelling state interest in, a ban on marriage between two freely consenting adults.