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Go to zero

Trump/Palin 2016 is in the offing. If it brings Tina Fey back to SNL, I’m all for it.

What Mr Trump’s campaign reveals is the base character of the Republican Party’s voter base.

University cops are often drawn from the Paul Blart segment of the population.

Conservatives have gained control over the AP American History curriculum. I’m glad I took AP European History.

So after countless versions over 20 years, Microsoft got a few things right. Like Soviet Five Year Plans, MS really doesn’t need to use numbers.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tells women not to ask for a raise to achieve pay equity. Microsoft is a dinosaur.

Despite the Nobel Peace Prize awards, there’s little hope for optimism in India and Pakistan for women and girls.

Apparently, it takes three days to make a cronut. Culinary genius can’t be rushed.

After Rush, Nickelback is the most important Canadian band (by far).

Regarding U2: It’s not easy being the most important band in the world, thirty years running.

Taedium vitae

Unfortunately, we’ve reached peak honey bee just at the moment when gourmet honey has become the next big thing.

In the genre of guilt trip journalism, this is a weak effort.

Every renunciation of violent desires, of whatever magnitude, contributes to the advance of civilization.

Regarding Windows 10: Microsoft still does clunky and bloated better than anyone else.

Never place bigots in charge of content.