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Children’s crusade

Rick Perry is now the leading American conservative intellectual.

The best strategy for the POTUS is to give Mr Perry as much publicity at possible.

Texas is a failed state.

The CIA has a twitter account. I’m happy to know that America’s spymasters have a healthy sense of humour.

Keira Knightley is a poor woman’s Eva Green, which isn’t bad.


Another song

If Spain wants to save its Monarchy, it should place images of the new Queen front and center (see England).

Pope Francis says cats are nice, but children are better and that childless couples will live out their final years lonely and bitter.

I think the pope is admitting that he’s lonely and bitter in his old age.

The Roman Church could follow the model of St Francis and give its billions in wealth to the poor in Africa and around the world.

I rather like the meme “John McCain was swapped.”

The Sin City sequel poster is a distraction from Benghazi.