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Democratic convention, Act 2


Roll call.

Utah, the beehive hairdo state! …

History made: Ms Clinton is the nominee, Mr Sanders departs the stage gracefully.

Cecile Richards’ appearance at the convention is a giant middle finger to Carly Fiorina and Fox News, and the Colorado Springs mass murderer who was inspired by both.

Lena Dunham and America Ferrara deal themselves in.

As this goes on, Berniebros are holding a cry-in at the media tents.

A Queens congressperson accuses Mr Trump of being a real life Bobby Axelrod (of Billions).

Howard Dean reenacts “The Scream” and appears tame compared to Mr Trump.

Bill Clinton spins an effective yarn, at odds with the meta-narrative of Mr Trump and Berniebros.

Glass ceiling smashed.

It’s over.

Colorado Springs

America’s promiscuous gun laws have claimed nine new victims (three dead, six wounded) in Colorado.

These promiscuous gun laws cause Americans to live in fear of terror at the shopping mall, the movie theatre, the elementary school, and the women’s health care clinic.

Promiscuous gun laws + anti-abortion extremism = domestic terrorism.

Symbolic violence is a gateway to physical violence. Hot anti-abortion rhetoric from public officials and Republican candidates (e.g., Carly Fiorina et al.) provides justification for morally unhinged, right-wing individuals and/or groups to act out violently.


The most recent attack on Planned Parenthood is simply good politics for Republicans (as is the bogus “religious freedom” issue). It allows them to pander to the social conservative base and the unborn. I’d expect it to be a prime topic at the first Republican primary debate, a chance for Huckabee, Santorum, et al. to burnish their social conservative bona fides.

For decades, Republicans and other conservatives have made it clear that they do not recognize a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health and reproductive decisions, and have often violated their proclaimed belief in “limited government” in favor of governmental intrusion (e.g., involuntary ultrasounds). In this case, it goes hand in hand with the strong anti-science current that runs through today’s conservatism.


Ten more victims of the Second Amendment in Louisiana. The sad fact is many Americans love guns more than they love life.

The NRA won’t rest until every American family is touched by gun violence.