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Right on track

High citation counts are more rewarding than a seat on Oprah’s couch.

Mr Trump is angry at Fox News again. It’s Donald Trump vs Rove News. Battle of the bottom-feeders.

Right-wing Republicans are planning to boycott the Pope’s speech in Congress because of his stance on climate change. The Pope’s call for Republicans to act on climate change is equivalent to Reagan telling Gorby to tear down that wall.

You put a lot of thought into your non sequitur: my reply to anyone who disagrees with me.

Republican apprentice

Numerous bankruptcies and numerous ex-wives: this makes one a leading Republican candidate for President.

As for Mr Trump’s attacks on Mssrs McCain and Perry: it’s basically one clown calling the other clowns to order.

I’m surprised Mr McCain hasn’t called for the bombing of Trump Tower.

Trump will turn Karl Rove into a whirling dervish given how much spinning the latter will have to do.

Tell the march hare

Individualism has always been bourgeois ideal. However, only the bohemian has ever truly been an individual.

bell hooks is the shock jock of identity politics. Using the word “terrorist” to describe Beyoncé is nothing more than a gratuitous provocation, which aims to attract attention to the speaker. At one point (the early 1980s), bell hooks had a point. Because she has remained intellectually stuck at the level of provocation, today she has none.

Karl Rove’s drinking problem is a distraction from Benghazi.


I believe every animated film character should be voiced by James Earl Jones.

There should be a red card in boating.

Money doesn’t always buy elections. Just ask Sheldon Adelson about Mitt Romney. Or Karl Rove.

Arya Stark turns out to have a bit of Lannister in her.

Auch Mäuse mögen Cronuts. Das stimmt.