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Hollywood ending

Serbians should pick better heroes than Gavrilo Princip.

Republicans have stopped bleating about Benghazi.

Only a fool would touch Arjen Robben in the box.

Are post-colonial societies more susceptible to conspiracy thinking than the former colonizer societies?

The UK’s effort to overturn the USA’s ban on imported haggis is just the first step towards retaking the former colony.

I admire Andrea Petkovic, although her positive comments on David Foster Wallace are unfortunate.

I was an only child and I turned out superbly.

More than this

The naiveté of 1990s world wide web gurus and the utopian technophilia of programmer prophets, as well as the likes of EFF, have long since broken against the forces of money and power. There’s no way to keep them out, especially with a non-enforceable “bill of internet rights.”

“Like a boss” is a suitable replacement for “bossy.”

In Germany, he’s known as Arjen Schwalbe.

China is a nice place to visit if one enjoys an excursion to the environs around the nineteenth-century satanic mill.