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Victim of love


Americans don’t understand college admissions at all. So much ignorance in the age of Trump.

I have no problem with legacy admits or an admissions office giving extra-weight to non-traditional students (older than 18-22), or quarterbacks, or skilled flute players, or students from rural areas, students from impoverished urban areas, etc.

As the self-proclaimed leader of a revolution, perhaps Bernie will use an executive order to create single-payer and bypass the established legislative procedures.

Such an embarrassing moment for the Bernie supporter, but preserved forever.

Please note the macro-aggression came from a Sanders supporter. To be precise: it’s not the “far left”. It’s about the failure to see a distinction between liberalism and the current conservative/right-wing political formations.

Re MLB three batter rule for relievers: I can’t think of another major sport that specifies how long a player must play once they enter a game.

Putin has his Night Wolves, Trump has his MAGAts. Shock troops of reactionary politicians.

In the bleak midwinter

Apple is the greatest company since the East India Company.

Facebook fatigue has already set in.

Despite the paucity of new members, Twitter will remain an important vehicle for the outragetariat.

Life imitates High Art.

Prince is the Mozart of popular music.

David Beckham is a role model for 21st century men.

There should be some form of relegation in Major League Baseball.