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That’s the way

Jack Conte’s account of the the losses sustained by the band Pomplamoose on its recent tour is a slap in the face to the primitive accumulators (i.e., libertarian downloaders, also known as pirates) who want their music free of cost and don’t care a whit about the cost of production of content. More power to Pomplamoose.

Like Perez Hilton, Emily Gould trafficked the cheapest cultural commodity: the information of the boulevard. Now she has become a commodity herself, a plaything for the savage minds of the new(est) journalism.

Print journalism happily bathes in the digital cesspool.

I’m surprised Hilary Mantel bothers to respond to the rabble who criticize her short story “The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher.”

La laïcité ou Barbarie.

Wolf-man versus Mother Goose

Locke’s “takings” rendered a godly act, misunderstood by poor Marx as “primitive accumulation.”

Such beautiful little stories that natural rights philosophers tell themselves:

He that is nourished by the Acorns he pickt up under an Oak, or the Apples he gathered from the Trees in the Wood, has certainly appropriated them to himself. No Body can deny but the nourishment is his. I ask then, When did they begin to be his? When he digested? Or when he eat? Or when he boiled? or when he brought them home? Or when he pickt them up? And ’tis plain, if the first gathering made them not his, nothing else could. That labour put a distinction between them and the common. That added something to them more than Nature, the common Mother of all, had done; and so they became his private right.

John Locke, Two Treatises of Government. Second Treatise, § 28.

Acorns, Apples, and Trees: Mother Goose has nothing on this.

As far it goes in the natural rights genre, Hobbesian horror stories are preferable to Lockean nursery rhymes. In the apparently empty forest, Hobbes’ wolf-man would be justified by right in ripping out the stomach of Locke’s gentle-man hunter and gatherer in order to gain access to its contents. The wolf’s bite proves superior to the quaint bit about “labour.”


Shark weak

Most pirates rebrand themselves as freedom loving libertarians. Arr!

Marx called it “primitive accumulation.”

Some people are violent, whether they wear uniforms and riot gear or balaclavas and Guy Fawkes masks. Both are the excuse for each other.

Mr Assange held a press conference to announce he’s taking the ice bucket challenge.

Just when we get a decent pope he talks about quitting.

Room of lights

American conservatives are outraged about the selection of Stephen Colbert as David Letterman’s replacement. Rush Limbaugh calmly accused CBS of “waging war on the heartland.” I have news for Mr Limbaugh: American conservatives just aren’t funny. Well, except Sarah Palin.

Kim Dotcom is set up for steep and harsh fall. The fate of the modern pirate ’tis cruel. Arrr!

The lesson of Detroit: don’t build a city’s economy around a single industry. Old mill towns suffered a similar fate.

Your presence reminds one of a blind jackal, eternally dependent upon misguided archbishops to provide instruction in bowling.

The resignation of Kathleen Sibelius is a distraction from Benghazi.