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We’re gonna groove


One fat dictator outmaneuvered another fat dictator.

There’s goes the Nobel Prize.

Larry Kudlow is a doddering old fool working for a doddering old fool.

A Tea Party from the left = epic failure for the Democrats.

The professional outragetariat drives Outrage Twitter, which journalists treat as reality.

Congressman Jordan is still wrestling with his own sex scandal.

The nadir of identity politics: when Republicans use a living person as a prop.

Michael Cohen is no Ray Donovan.

Ivanka stepped in a steaming pile of Trump.

A cold, wet night in Stoke

Is Philip Roth worthy of a Nobel Prize? Probably not.

Franzen will never win a Nobel Prize.

There’s nothing pretentious about the aristocracy of culture.

The head of NASA says he’ll put a Brit on Mars. It should be David Bowie, obviously.

People want to know the whereabouts of Kim Jong-un. He’s in the studio, recording dubstep tracks.