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Using your mouth like a fist

The only Marxist opinion worthy of consideration is that of Žižek. There’s no jouissance in the anarcho-syndicalism of Chomsky.

The Ridley Scott film “Exodus” is already generating ire for failing to be a factual representation of the mythology surrounding Moses.

Realism for its own sake is the destruction of imagination.

After portraying the Batman, the role of Moses is a definite come down for Christian Bale.

It is more than a bit narcissistic to believe “Big Brother is watching YOU” in particular. But such narcissism is functional for the conspiracy theory set.

No rain

Elizabeth II R just sent her first tweet, something to do with enjoying a tech show. I wish she had ordered Oasis to re-form.

Queens don’t troll. They send in heavy horse.

Christian Bale is set to portray Jobs. I’d prefer to see him play Job.

The talking wolf who located the head of St Edmund is still out there.

Is Beyoncé or Taylor Swift our Piaf?