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Black No. 1

Mr Assange is releasing the emails as soon as he receives them from the Russians.

People were never lonely before neoliberalism.

One can carbon date the beginning of neoliberalism precisely: the recording of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”

Brexit is the sound of wealth leaving the UK.

The poverty of sovereignty.

Schadenfreude is never wrong.

Democratic convention, Act 3


(Image: New York Magazine)

Before it begins:

It’s nice of the Republican’s “law and order” nominee to reveal the Putin-Snowden-Assange-Trump axis. However, he can expect a visit from the FBI.

Mr Trump has said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. Now he’s saying he can suborn espionage from a foreign government and get away with it.

Many of Mr Trump’s supporters share his bromance with the Russian strongman.

Mr Assange may have given the UK government a legitimate legal reason to extradite him to the US.

Well played, Jules.


The VPOTUS states the obvious that Mr Trump has no clue.

He closes with “We’re America!” Riveting!

Mr Bloomberg just locked down independent voters for Ms Clinton by suggesting Mr Trump is incompetent and possibly insane. Harsh words from one billionaire to another.

Tim Kaine speaks in Spanish. Mr Trump tweets in support of his deportation.

The POTUS calls Mr Trump a home-grown demagogue.

Mic drop.

POTUS and Clinton embrace.

It’s over.


Mr Putin’s imperialist ambition is more nineteenth-century than Cold War, but his false pretenses are drawn straight from the CCCP playbook.

The world’s most famous celebrity squatter suffered another courtroom defeat.

In the wake of the President’s executive order concerning immigration, the Cliven Bundy wing of the Republican Party is quite visible today.


Me: JLaw could well be Jesus. But Kim Gordon is Lord.

Respondent: That’d make Lawrence the son of Gordon, which would be an interesting twist.

Me: That works for me.

Shark weak

Most pirates rebrand themselves as freedom loving libertarians. Arr!

Marx called it “primitive accumulation.”

Some people are violent, whether they wear uniforms and riot gear or balaclavas and Guy Fawkes masks. Both are the excuse for each other.

Mr Assange held a press conference to announce he’s taking the ice bucket challenge.

Just when we get a decent pope he talks about quitting.

No no thanks no

Apparently, Archie has been killed. I’d be more upset if Veronica were offed.

A first edition of Das Kapital sold for 40 thousand USD. Marx was a newspaper journalist, part of the culture industry.

The new Thor will be female.

It would have made more sense if Darth Vader had been Luke’s mother.

Now that the World Cup is over, hipsters regret abandoning German Hefeweizen for the Belgian Stella.

Now that the Swedish court has upheld the charges against him, will Mr Assange leave his posh Knightsbridge accommodations and face justice?

Vampyres rarely have extended family members.

It’s only jargon if you haven’t read the books.

Circle game

The new (Planet of the Apes) Caesar fits the hero archetype of our era: testosterone-driven, performance enhanced by steroids and adderall.

Mr Assange has become the Gwyneth Paltrow of the Libertarian Internationale.

With the sacking of Michael Gove, American literature is once again safe for British consumption.

An illegal amount of rain fell on NYC.

This is the worst Tour de France in years.