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Moral panic



The removal of the Waterhouse painting in Manchester is only another black eye for the city.

I recall a time when religious fundamentalists sought to ban photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe because they were “pornographic.”

Only a philistine would demand that art be moral.

Curators need the “creator” to sell to a public which is addicted to celebrity. They’ve sold the artist, not the art, for a long time. Hence, they remain behind the times intellectually for financial reasons.

The public, and the journalists who write for it, were never were educated in semiotics, structuralism, modernist aesthetics, etc., to begin with.

I remember when a man of the cloth called for the “extermination” of the Sex Pistols.

Arendt never apologised for being Heidegger’s lover.

Althusser murdered his wife, but no one demanded the New Left Review close its shop.

Épater la bourgeoisie.


Special relationship

The US-France relationship is special (the oldest), but the US-UK relationship is the specialest (i.e., the bestest).

The New Left Review was damaged when it threw in its lot with high French structuralist Marxism. There was a joke among some in the US left: What’s new or left in the NLR? Answer: nothing.

When did Google-shaming become en vogue? People are up in arms over mass transit (so much for environmentalism), but have ignored Eric Schmidt’s neoliberal stylings — which have been part of the public record — for years.

His request for asylum refused by the EU, Mr Snowden remains imprisoned by his own half-baked decisions.

One can never be too pretty or too posh.