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Battle of evermore

March 8th is the real May Day.

Liberal feminism is low hanging fruit for any competent critic. It’s been criticized ad nauseum. Will yet another book add anything substantially new to the “to be read” pile? It is doubtful. It would be another matter to bring a critical torch to bear on the current post-liberal feminist orthodoxy: intersectionality. It needs to be torched. But this would require more courage and ingenuity than is need to bash the liberal women of the second wave. Unlike the critique of liberal feminism, there are no well-worn grooves in which to slot an argument.

The glamorous life

The only time Kanye West was right about fashion was when he donned the leather kilt.

The existence of Babymetal demonstrates there might yet be hope for Japan. An old Situationist like Malcolm McClaren would have enjoyed Babymetal. And tried to make money from it.

Mark Zuckerberg was upset (at 21:38) by the film The Social Network. Even billionaires get hurt.

Taylor Swift is a leading light of post-third wave feminism (joined by Lena Dunham, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, and Beyoncé).

Designer feminism


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Lagerfeld’s Boulevard Chanel, an ironic staging of protest sign politics (using haute couture, supermodels, and the traditional Parisian boulevard protest as props), draws attention to the troubled relationship of feminist discourse to wealth and the beauty industry.

The only things missing from this political mise-en-scène are Sartre and de Beauvoir.

Chanel show, Spring Summer 2015, Paris Fashion Week, France - 30 Sep 2014

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Heaven beside you

One would expect newspaper editors to defend their own interests, but overstating the significance of press is not a winning hand. The Guardian‘s problem is that it aligned itself with two self-centered opportunists (Assange and Greenwald). The “free press” is a private enterprise whose bottom line is profit; its service to “Democracy” is as instrumental to this end as its coverage of local high school sports and the foibles of celebrities. The controversy over the Snowden/NSA leaks, like the wikileaks infodump of the recent past, attracts eyeballs and clicks, which increase revenue for a declining cultural form. Rather than bemoaning the assault on the free press by government, the editors should thank the Orwellians of the state for manufacturing a fresh controversy.

Idaho banned culture in 1989.

Compared to the 1960s, today’s feminism is a fairly tame affair. Feminists academics and journalists spend more time attacking each other than masculine domination.