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Cabo wabo

Lots of stuff is coming out about Bernie now that inexplicably lay hidden in 2016.

Bernie presents enough baggage from 2016 to today. No need for an oppo researcher to wade through 30 year old Wayne’s World quality video.

As an occasional interloper in Democratic politics, Bernie is under the most pressure and is more desperate than other candidates.

His main problem is his lack of appeal to the diversity of the Democratic Party. Probably because he’s not a Democrat.

Tea Party Republicans politicized federal aid after Superstorm Sandy. Now these chickens have come home to roost in flood and tornado stricken MAGAland.

Between David Brooks and Ross Douthat, I don’t know how the NY Times survives as a credible source of opinion.

The pursuit of scoops and the need to be first is killing journalism. When did editors install this misguided priority?

Better dead air than Chuck Todd.

Likability and authenticity entered politics after the 1960s. The notion that the personal is the political comports well with the conflation of personal traits with political viability.

Putin has Trump under his thumb.

Trump is libidinally cathected to strongmen.

He will likely declare martial law when he loses in November 2020.

Trouble and strife

DDoS attacks are so twentieth century. Peasants with cyber pitchforks.

The ugly shoe aesthetic has been around for a long time: see earth shoes, birkenstocks, espadrilles, crocs, and trainers.

The problem when one wages a protest via signage: anyone can make a pithy sign.

Chuck Todd is still waiting for Chuck Hagel to drop out of the running for Secy of Defense.

I can understand how some people didn’t want the dirty robes of the Catholic Church aired on such a popular program, fronted by a congenial host. But historically, the Church had its moment in the sun (so to speak) vis-a-vis Galileo et al.; fortunately, that moment ended. I doubt subsequent episodes, for historical reasons, will have any reason to mention Bruno Giordano, the Inquisition, or the matter of heresy again. That doesn’t mean a vocal few won’t denounce the entire series based on one episode. That is their right.