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Stop your sobbing

The Republican candidates attacking “the media” is equivalent to the candidates attacking a mirror for the image they see when they look into one.

In reality, one doesn’t choose the questions one is asked. Republicans are used to living in the fantasy world of the Fox News echo chamber.

China has lifted its “one child” policy. There’s a pressing need to replace the people who are dying from pollution-related diseases caused by the satanic mills of Party Capitalism.

Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House. I’m reminded that Ayn Rand continues to have a powerful effect on the libidos of conservative boys and men.

Get back together

Forget Harry Potter. Mesut Özil is a real wizard.

There’s nothing wrong with sanctuary cities. They should have given sanctuary to Cecil the Lion though.

At the moment, Adele is the greatest pop singer not named Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

Gaga no longer qualifies as a pop artist. She’s now reached diva status.

The best thing about the film “Back to the Future” was the thumping volume of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love.”

Canada reached peak cool during the reign of Margaret Trudeau.

Xi Jinping is the first pirate to meet a British monarch since Walter Raleigh. Arrr!


The Libertines have re-formed. They’ll fill the void left by One Direction.

BRICS failing. US rising. Who saw that coming.

Re China: Party Capitalism has turned out as poorly as Party Communism.

Rousey v Mayweather would be the first billion dollar fight.

The arrest rate of multi-millionaires is higher in the NFL than in the general population.

Sick as a dog

Long on hyperbole, short on historical understanding: my reply to anyone who disagrees with me.

China has clearly peaked as a world power. It will now diminish like the Elves at the end of the Third Age.

In comparison with the first film entitled “Crash,” the Haggis film was a cliche-riddled, predictable tale.

Since there will be a Jack Reacher 2: the first film, already balanced between B and C movie status, was undermined by the acting of Rosamund Pike and the cartoonish Werner Herzog, who was content to channel his inner Kinski.

It occurs to me that the Olsen twins are the most famous twins in history.

Dr Ben Carson’s most significant accomplishment as a neurosurgeon was removing half of his own brain.