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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tells women not to ask for a raise to achieve pay equity. Microsoft is a dinosaur.

Despite the Nobel Peace Prize awards, there’s little hope for optimism in India and Pakistan for women and girls.

Apparently, it takes three days to make a cronut. Culinary genius can’t be rushed.

After Rush, Nickelback is the most important Canadian band (by far).

Regarding U2: It’s not easy being the most important band in the world, thirty years running.

The fuse

Pundits worry over Mr Putin’s feelings and psychological limitations. The only thing the Black Hand of Donetsk understands is force, applied liberally. Put an economic pinch on the Russian middle class via sanctions, fast track the Ukraine into the EU, and he’ll backpedal.

Most political strongmen dislike being lectured to. But that’s no reason to coddle a criminal. In the short run, it is reasonable to demand the hand over of Comandante Strelkov to international authorities and the placement of UN troops in Donetsk. Finally, the Western powers should demand the removal of all Russian weaponry from Ukrainian territory (to forestall further sanctions). When Putin’s shock troops shoot down another airliner, there should be no question the shot was fired from the Russian side of the border.

A tale of two Indias, the desperate poverty on the streets (after decades of independence) and the conspicuous consumption of the Mumbai financial lords and Delhi superrich.

Artifacts of a royal childhood are the most precious things in the world.

Hello resolven

The question is not whether freedom of speech is under threat in India. The question is whether freedom of speech ever existed in India.

NFL locker rooms have all the mental sophistication of teenage boys.

Unfortunately, NFL players consider the locker room as if it were the bedroom: private, protected from scrutiny.

Russia vs the USA is only a grudge match for cold war neanderthals. For rational people, it’s an interesting hockey game.

America: bullets, bibles, ballots, and ice hockey.

This is a case of toxic chickens coming home to roost. WV citizens continually support anti-government, anti-environmental regulation politicians. Hence, they are complicit in their own misery.

Willem de Kooning is the greatest artist of the 20th century.

Gern bereit

Kristen Stewart is the next Sylvia Plath.

The first Yes album has overlooked gems, including “Looking Around.”

Cull the zookeepers, make room for more giraffes.

It’s good to know that not all religious nut jobs reside in the USA. Well played, India.

A campaign slogan should be succinct. Hillary 2016: “Resistance is futile.”

Snow coming, Jeter leaving: End times.