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Been caught stealing

He may be a crook, but NYers owe Sheldon Silver a debt of gratitude for defeating ex-Mayor Bloomberg’s corporate giveaway/West Side Stadium project.

Republicans used to oppose frivolous lawsuits. Now they rush to file them in the roadkill state, like vultures descending on a rotting carcass.

In an ideal world, Charlotte Church would be a bigger star than Adele.

Get back together

Forget Harry Potter. Mesut Özil is a real wizard.

There’s nothing wrong with sanctuary cities. They should have given sanctuary to Cecil the Lion though.

At the moment, Adele is the greatest pop singer not named Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

Gaga no longer qualifies as a pop artist. She’s now reached diva status.

The best thing about the film “Back to the Future” was the thumping volume of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love.”

Canada reached peak cool during the reign of Margaret Trudeau.

Xi Jinping is the first pirate to meet a British monarch since Walter Raleigh. Arrr!

You get what you give

One Direction is bigger than The Beatles.

Adele could put out her own charity record and raise more funds than the Geldof-inspired product.

Scientists aren’t known for their fashion sense, although this gent’s tats are worthy of a recurrent role on Girls.

Misery is a terrible state.


Franzen’s fifth novel, Purity – his first since 2010’s Freedom stormed the bestseller charts – will see the author telling the story of Purity Tyler.

Another quality paperweight from Mr Franzen. Presumably he’s showing, not telling, the story of Purity Tyler.