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Wandering star

Lee Daniels is said to be working on new film, a true life tale of demonic possession. Rumor has it that the film’s title is “”Lee Daniels’ True Life Tale of Demonic Possession.”

Russell Brand is our Bakunin.


Peak beard is an urban legend. So is the lumbersexual.


What we have here (see above image) is merely the woodland hipster (known in common parlance as “the woodsy”), a variation on the classic hipster. The woodland hipster has a nineteenth-century precursor:


Adversary culture

Peak Beard” is an urban legend. This is the age of the beard.

Let it grow, let it grow
Let it blossom, let it flow
In the sun, the rain, the snow
Beard is lovely, let it grow.

Using the example of one artist to denigrate an entire genre of artistic practice is not a winning rhetorical strategy.

Hobo culture is dying out.

Two entrepreneurial media personalities are selling women on the idea of a “confidence gap.” While even snake oil salespersons have the right to turn a buck, worst part of this book that it locates the “problem” at the individual level. The authors maintain women have low confidence; in reality it is social institutions that have low confidence in women.