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Ramble on

Libertarianism is the political boutique tendency.

Only naive EFF types thought the “web” could ever be non-toxic.

Elisabeth Moss needs to come under more scrutiny.

Bernie was one of the few New Left who didn’t break with the CCCP. He did march with Dr King, though.

Xenophobia and garden variety cultural ressentiment: the elixir of populism.

The question is whether populist outrage, as channeled by Sanders, is a winning strategy? Didn’t work for him in 2016 and it’s not working for him so far for 2020.

Bern’s anger-based politics has him in danger of slipping behind Warren.

D’Souza is another example of why it isn’t good to give felons the franchise. (see Flynn, Manafort, Limbaugh).

Für uns, gibts nicht.

Any major dude will tell you

One of the benefits of working for conservative think tanks like AEI is that one never has to submit one’s work to peer review. The normal academic gatekeeping processes don’t apply to people like Dinesh D’Souza. This is not to say that all think tank scholars are crackpots like D’Souza. See, for example, Charles Murray: though controversial, he is taken seriously by the academy; unlike D’Souza, he is worthy of debunking. But it is worth remembering that the goal of research sponsored by AEI, Hoover/Heritage, Cato, Olin, etc. is not to advance knowledge writ large but rather to advance a specific policy agenda.