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American popular culture has always been a counterfeit form.

Royals are more attractive today than they were in prior centuries.

The archbishop of Dublin is saying the Church must do a better job of indoctrinating children. This is an example of how medieval monotheism loses the plot in the modern world.

In breaking news, John McCain is angry. Again.

Politics isn’t rocket science. It’s easy to spot a political buffoon.

For free

The erasure of Tom Bombadil in the definitive cinematic account of Middle Earth is appalling.

Mr Rock is naive to think he’s still living in the 1950s.

Before there was Bono, Mr Springsteen had long been the American Bono.

Richard III was a blonde, his reign was more fun than previously known.

Hastings: More pity that the eagles should be mewed,
Whiles kites and buzzards prey at liberty.

Richard: The world is grown so bad
That wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch.

Shakespeare, Richard III