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Special relationship

The US-France relationship is special (the oldest), but the US-UK relationship is the specialest (i.e., the bestest).

The New Left Review was damaged when it threw in its lot with high French structuralist Marxism. There was a joke among some in the US left: What’s new or left in the NLR? Answer: nothing.

When did Google-shaming become en vogue? People are up in arms over mass transit (so much for environmentalism), but have ignored Eric Schmidt’s neoliberal stylings — which have been part of the public record — for years.

His request for asylum refused by the EU, Mr Snowden remains imprisoned by his own half-baked decisions.

One can never be too pretty or too posh.


WWI: a terrible war on behalf of dynasties.

From Joni Mitchell and Margaret Trudeau to Ted Cruz and Justin Bieber: a definite downward spiral for Canada.

“Louie Louie” is the first drunken karaoke.

John Boehner won’t give up unfiltered Camels and Boone’s Farm wine for the Presidency.

Al-Sisi still owns Morsi. Recent violent events only strengthen the general’s hand.

Google-shaming in San Francisco.